Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15

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The 26th edition of EA Sports venerable pigskin game, Madden NFL 15 delivers everything fans need to own their rivals on both sides of the field, including the most immersive defensive gameplay control in franchise history.

Deliver on Defense
Set the tone on defense with more control thanks to an all-new arsenal of pass rush moves, contain the open field with intuitive tackling mechanics, and play as a team with redesigned zone and man coverage logic all while being immersed in the play from the other side of the line, with defensive player lock cameras. Madden NFL 15 delivers on defense.
Player Sense 2.0
In Madden NFL 15, Player Sense 2.0 creates the smartest playing Madden ever by improving player emotion, contextual awareness, head tracking, reach tackles and more.
Pass Inaccuracy
In Madden NFL 15, the quarterback accuracy rating (THA), situation, and scenario have never been more important.
Madden NFL 15’s presentation upgrades extend beyond the improved broadcast package. Playcalling has also been redesigned with responsiveness in mind, allowing players to get real-time information on how well they’re performing on the field.
War in the Trenches 2.0
Madden NFL 15 raises the bar even further with War in the Trenches 2.0, including all-new pass rush mechanics for both finesse and power moves, as well as new disengage and block shedding animations.
Tackling Mechanic
Madden NFL 15 includes all-new tackling mechanics that change the way gamers play defense.
Deep Dive: War in the Trenches
Get a detailed look at defensive line play in Madden NFL 15. Rushing the passer is a whole new experience, and the improvements start at the line of scrimmage with the Jump Snap mechanic.


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