D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Reviews

D4 is insanity distilled into adventure-game form, more self-consciously wacky than another Swery game, Deadly Premonition, but more human, too.

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With some deliciously over-the-top voice acting and utterly demented dialog, D4 is every bit as bizarre and laugh-inducing as Swery’s prior cult classic, Deadly Premonition. There is an issue with some poor grammar in the subtitles, but otherwise this is quite the polished production when compared to previous Access Games releases, with a stylish cartoon-like visual style and a brilliant soundtrack that blends the cool with the camp. Very few videogames can strike me as genuinely funny, but where Deadly Premonition succeeded in making me laugh, so too does D4, though it does so with enough dark twists and plot intrigue to keep me eager as hell to find out what happens next.

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Defiantly distinct – Fans of Deadly Premonition will love this bizarre, offbeat murder mystery.

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